STEAM and robotics toys for kids ages 5-14

At home and in the classroom. All Robo Wunderkind Kits are developed by educators and deliver a unique learning value. Fostering creativity and problem-solving skills, Robo Wunderkind teaches kids about coding and robotics through fun play.


These individual blocks will expand your robotics kit and will take your robots on new adventures. Add more wheels, sensors, displays or lights to your Robo Wunderkind.

Classroom Kits

Introduce your students to coding, robotics, and STEM with our kits for classrooms.

Education Kit

Ideal for all educators who want to introduce their students to coding, be it in Computer Science or interdisciplinary lessons. Our Education Kit comes with a comprehensive curriculum, training, and resources that make lesson planning easy for teachers.

Education Extension Kit

Upgrade your Education Kits with the Extension Kit to open up new programming and learning opportunities with more building blocks! Additional components expand the creative possibilities and enable students to build and program more complex robots.